e-Cheque Collection Portal

Q1. What is e-Cheque?

e-Cheque is an electronic counterpart of paper cheque. It retains all the basic features and benefits of paper cheque(s), provides enhanced security features and removes the need for physical delivery and presentation. For more information, please refer to the Hong Kong Monetary Authority website.

Q2. What services are provided by the “e-Cheque Collection Portal”?

You can upload e-Cheque(s) on this portal to submit the payment for our further handling of e-Cheque payments.

Q3. Which MPFA payments can I pay through the “e-Cheque Collection Portal”?

You can pay the following MPFA payments through this portal:

Q4. Can I use one single e-Cheque to settle multiple MPFA payments?

Yes, you can use one e-Cheque to settle a maximum of 15 MPFA payments at the same time under the same payment type.

Q5. What are the points to note when making MPFA payments by e-Cheque?

e-Cheque(s) must be denominated in Hong Kong dollars and made payable to MPFA’s Designated Bank Account for each payment type. Post-dated or expired e-Cheque(s) will not be accepted. An e-Cheque is regarded as expired if it is issued more than 6 months ago. Duplicate presentment of the same e-Cheque is not allowed.
MPFA payments Designated Bank Account
  • MPF
    • Default Contribution Payment
    • Default Contribution Payment and Financial Penalty
MPFA - Benefits Protection Account
  • MPF
    • Financial Penalty Notice on employer
    • MPF Products - Application Fee
  • ORSO
    • ORSO-Periodic Fee
    • ORSO-Application Fee
    • ORSO-Default Contribution Payment
    • ORSO-Others
  • General Debit Notes
    • MPF Contribution Enquiry Line and Communication Line
    • Miscellaneous (e.g. speaker allowance and refund payment)
  • MPF Trustee
    • Financial Penalty Notice on Trustees
    • Annual Registration Fee
  • MPF Intermediaries
    • INT-Annual Fee and/or Additional Fee
    • INT-Application Fee
MPFA Administration Account

Q6. I have used an e-Cheque to settle a MPFA payment before but somehow the e-Cheque is not honoured. Can I use the same e-Cheque to make a payment again?

No. If the e-Cheque has been presented to MPFA before, you cannot re-use it again. You must create a fresh e-Cheque from your bank to make your payment.

Q7. How is the time of receipt of e-Cheque(s) determined?

When the e-Cheque(s) is/are submitted to MPFA, the time of receipt by MPFA of the e-Cheque(s) shall be determined according to the MPFA’s system time and stated in an acknowledgement page of the "e-Cheque Collection Portal" after the entering of payment details and upload of e-Cheque(s), and your clicking the "Confirm and Submit" button on the same platform. Such acknowledgement of receipt is taken to be conclusive evidence of the time of receipt by the MPFA of such e-Cheque(s).

Q8. Where can I find assistance when using the e-Cheque Collection Portal or after I have submitted some wrong information?

You can contact us through these means, or the Case Officer of MPFA, if known, for assistance, and quote your submission reference number.

Q9. What are the system requirements for using the “e-Cheque Collection Portal”?

You can access the “e-Cheque Collection Portal” through popular browsers.

For desktop devices:

For mobile devices(Note 1): Note 1: e-Cheque(s) should be placed in temporary storage (e.g. cloud storage or file manager app) beforehand for uploading to the “e-Cheque Collection Portal”.
Note 2: Android browsers behave differently on mobile devices of different brands, and even different models of the same brand. If you encounter problems in accessing the “e-Cheque Collection Portal” on your Android device, please try installing the Chrome browser on your mobile device and access the “e-Cheque Collection Portal” using Chrome.

Q10. What are the service hours of the “e-Cheque Collection Portal”?

The “e-Cheque Collection Portal” operates all year round except 01:00 to 07:00 everyday (GMT+8) and during any ad-hoc or planned system maintenance period. Please refer to the system maintenance message at the top of the Homepage.

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Last Revision Date: 29/01/2021